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Major Change: MS Teams 1:1 Call recording Policy Changes from March 11th

Updated: May 28, 2021

In this post, I will talk about what has changed in the MS Teams policy and how to enable the 1:1 call recordings back after the March 11th.

As mentioned in the MC238796, 1:1 call recordings will be disabled from Microsoft on March 11th.

How this will affect your organization

Currently, 1:1 Call recording is controlled by the -CsTeamsMeetingPolicy / AllowCloudRecording attribute. After this change, it will be controlled by the -CsTeamsCallingPolicy / allowCloudRecordingForCalls attribute.

By default this new policy attribute will be set to false, so 1:1 call recording will not work unless you change this attribute to true.

What you need to do to prepare

If you are currently using 1:1 Call recording and would like to continue doing so, please update the -CsTeamsCallingPolicy / allowCloudRecordingForCalls attribute to true.

  • You can make this immediately.

  • If you do not change the attribute, once the policy enforcement is rolled out, users using the 1:1 Call recording feature will not be able to use this feature.

If you do not want to have 1:1 Call recording enabled, you do not need to do anything.

NOTE: This new policy attribute relates to the Microsoft Teams Recording solution for 1:1 calls. This attribute does not affect 1:1 Compliance Recording, which is still controlled via the Compliance Recording policy.

Updating the Calling Policy with PowerShell

The ability to update the setting in calling policies isn’t currently available in the Teams admin centre. To make the change with PowerShell, connect to Microsoft Teams and then update the TeamsCallingPolicy.

Please follow this post to connect MS Teams through the PowerShell up to 3rd step and continue the rest from below.

Step 4: Check the current policy settings by running the Get-CsTeamsCallingPolicy cmdlet as shown below. As you see it is set to false. now we should update the policy to true to continue to record the 1:1 calls after March 11th Microsoft changes.

Step 5: Set the AllowCloudRecordingsForCalls attribute to True by using the below cmdlet.

Set-CsTeamsCallingPolicy -Identity Global -AllowCloudRecordingForCalls $True

Step 6: Verify the changes again by using the Get-CsTeamsCallingPolicy cmdlet. You can see the AllowCloudRecordingsForCalls attribute has been set to True.

You are done and your users will be able to continue to record their 1:1 calls.

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