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SharePoint Online Storage Integration with Couchdrop SFTP Service

In this post, I will explain what is Couchdrop SFTP and how it works with SharePoint?

Couchdrop has the cloud SFTP service which we can integrate with many storages like OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, AWS, and Box etc. Couchdrop itself controls the user permissions and root directions to SharePoint folders. So you can create multiple storage endpoint based on the subscription you purchased with Couchdrop, but I see SharePoint Online uses the user's metadata in the Storage whoever provides the consent to connect storage when creating a storage endpoint in Couchdrop. I think this is correct by design because whatever the usernames we create in Couchdrop doesn't available in AD to sync with their metadata in SharePoint. So the file transactions metadata will be used with the user's information whoever provides the consent to connect the SharePoint Online storage endpoint.

Couchdrop acts like middleware between user and storage with controlling folder permissions and root directions and more security features of controlling the user access by the public IPs'.

Here is the visual illustration of Understanding How Couchdrop SFTP service works.

I would say this is really a good product instead of managing SFTP servers in house and patching up all the time and most importantly I did not find this kind of service that integrates with SharePoint storage, this way we can utilise our SharePoint storage instead of utilising physical servers storage.

I will post the technical configuration shortly on creating the storage endpoint and creating the users in Couchdrop.

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If using O365 storage with Couchdrop, can Couchdrop use Azure AD for authenticating internal users? How are permissions applied to folders for internal and external users? For internal users does it (or can it) use Azure AD? For external users is Couchdrop fully managing file access? (In this scenario Couchdrop would have to have full access to the folders/files on O365 storage, and then limit access within Couchdrop rather than using O365 to manage granular access).


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