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MS Teams recording storage switch from Stream to OneDrive and SharePoint

Updated: Feb 18, 2021


This post explains the very straight forward features and gaps between stream and ODSP.

This is a rather big change and something I just want to send a heads up to all. Obviously, it's posted in the Message centre (MC222640).


  • New features The move to ODSP immediately unlocks long-awaited features including external and guest sharing, retention policy application GoLocal support, and BYOK support for customers, with improved transcription quality, speaker attribution, transcript content search, and other features to follow in CY2021.

  • Meeting storage Non-Channel meetings will be stored in the OneDrive of the person who clicked the record button in a special folder labelled “Recordings” – that sits at the top of the recorder’s OneDrive. Channel meetings will be stored in a folder labelled “Recordings” under a folder named after the channel under the Team’s document library.

  • Permissions All meeting invitees - except for external users – in non-channel meetings will automatically get a shared link to access the meeting recording. External users will need to be explicitly added to the shared list by the meeting organizer or the person that clicked the record button. For Channel meetings, permissions will be inherited from the owners and members list in the channel.

Absolutely this saves the spend of the current stream storage additionally.

  • Feature gaps

The following gaps exist today:

  • Ability to block the download of the video by meeting participants

  • No transcripts (In MC222640 it states the roll out of the save to OneDrive and SharePoint feature switch happens on Jan. 11th, 2021 unless action is taken otherwise. In MC220987 it states the new Download Transcription feature in the new Meeting centre will not roll out until mid-February).

  • Variable playback speed in the video player

Some additional findings while testing the change

  • 1:1 call recordings save as just "Call with chirannjevi (Guest)-20210204_225916-Meeting Recording.mp4".

  • External participants can not access the non-channel recordings (1:1 or Meetings) in the OneDrive unless organiser or who clicked the recording shared the video with them.

  • External participants can access the channel recordings without any additional access to them as the SharePoint site which ties to the Teams channel by default creates with the permissions of guest access.

Note: Microsoft will be switching the storage from stream to ODSP automatically in the March ( new date is July 7th as of Feb 16th update in MC222640) for all the tenants whether you want to opt or not. Whoever opted back to the stream, their tenant's settings will be changed to ODSP automatically in March.

I will post another article on how to switch the recordings storage from stream to ODSP very shortly.

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